Our Company

Cogent IT was founded March 1st 2003 by Ed Guzman and Richard Prins. The mission was simple. Build a business focused on delivering the best possible IT service. Establish solid partnerships with our customers. Throughout the years, technology has changed, but our core principles remain the same.
Richard Prins retired on December 31st 2014 and now lives in Prineville Oregon. Stephen Bausch joined Cogent IT at the beginning and now serves as Cogent IT’s helpdesk manager.

Ed Guzman

Ed Guzman, Principal

I believe in earning our client’s trust. Trust can be earned in a variety of ways. At Cogent — we earn it by sharing both the risk and reward in the solutions we recommend and support — and in our ability to earn a “spot” within our client’s core team. Technically we’re “outsourcers,” but we don’t operate or communicate as such. When our client’s have problems — we have problems. When they succeed — we succeed. It’s all about building that quality level of partnership — which brings all of us — the greatest reward.

TEAM ROLE: Principal, Marketing and Technology, Creative Services and Non-profit Initiatives
EMAIL: ed.guzman@CogentIT.com
PHONE: 503-974-1100

Mr. Guzman has been working on an outsourced IT business model for small businesses since 1994. A passion that started at Intel Corporation, which was at the time was researching a remote administration capability that would eventually support the IT needs of the small business market. Intel ultimately decided to pass on the opportunity — Ed, however, believed otherwise, and has been working on that model ever since. With over 30 years of experience within the high-tech industry including 12 years management experience in both Marketing & Engineering environments, founding two outsourced IT companies, Mr. Guzman’s career has featured the creation of teams, products and services that were both innovative and industry firsts. He has focused upon solutions for small to medium sized businesses that include HP mini-computers, HP servers, data management solutions and small office/home office network management. His love of technology aside, Mr. Guzman’s family of four comes first - as does the family of his employees. And it’s that culture that's unique to Cogent IT — and the element of Cogent that Ed holds the most pride. Professional Background: Principal, Isis Corporation; Strategic Marketing Mgr. of the Networking Products Division, Intel Corporation; Software Marketing Mgr., Adaptec; PC Storage Research & Development Mgr., Hewlett Packard. Community Affiliations: A father of two and small business owner. Education: Mr. Guzman has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering in Computer Science from University of California Berkeley.