IT Solutions

At Cogent IT we believe that your business deserves the best possible IT services available. Our service model is based primarily on full service plans that offer our customers a "complete IT department" at a fraction of the cost. Included in our plans are a host of services described below.

Project Management

Let Cogent IT guide you through your next IT project. Whether you need to setup a new office, implement an EMR package, or move your infrastructure to the cloud, we have you covered. Projects like these can seem daunting without the correct experience and expertise. We work with our customers to guide them through these changes. We work with you to define a schedule, set a budget, find contingencies, execute the project, and train your employees.

Disaster Recovery Services

Nothing puts more fear in a business owner than a disaster. Loss of data and equipment can be catastrophic. We understand this, and we have been working with our customers for years to develop the right disaster recovery solutions to meet there needs. In some cases this might be storing daily and weekly backups offsite. In other situations this may include cloud based disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. Whatever the need, we have a solution that is right for you.

Security Auditing and Compliance

More and more companies are reaching out to Cogent IT to assist with regulatory compliance. Whether it be a government or industry regulation, or even a business to business security review, we can help. We will work with your business to define best practices for your employees and your systems. We will guide you through the appropriate security and compliance testing and documentation. We will help you build a disaster recovery process to meet your requirements.